Summer Solstice, What’s the point?

Summer Solstice, What’s the point?
two kings at solstice
The exchange of Power – Two kings battle for supremacy in the Wheel of the Year,

Midsummer madness, all those weird people getting up at some ungodly hour to do what? Worship the Sun???! Totally crazy! Why would anyone want to do that? It’s just another day after all… isn’t it? Continue reading “Summer Solstice, What’s the point?”

Samhain: Third Faerie Festival of the Year

thoughts of Mabon and Samhain so found this little gem hope you enjoy…I certainly am finding it most illuminating…

Of course it is all ways useful to have google at hand particularly when we are exploring the wealth of stories available for the next workshop to come to Ladywell Crystals & Healing in Glasgow. This story is one we are considering for the night’s entertainment.

As we take you again through the Faerie Tale Forest and find the Teller of Tales to take us into the next turn of the wheel.

faery woods