Counting Blessings…

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Let’s look at this a little bit closer. There are many people who pooh – pooh the idea of how healing ‘Gratitude’ can be. The definition from Google – gratitude noun, the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Most often we forget to look at what we have because we are too busy looking at what others have instead. Continue reading “Counting Blessings…”

Seeking Eldorado

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Edgar Allan Poe wrote about the quest to find Eldorado, a gallant knight who sought this city of gold Eldorado  Continue reading “Seeking Eldorado”

Beauty, Grace and Corvids

Kuan Yin isn’t so strange a figure to be present in a bird shaman’s life. She is often depicted with birds. Most commonly, it is with a swallow (sometimes very stylized and phoenix-like) which carries a string of prayer beads in its beak. This bird represents light in the darkness, especially through devotion. Sometimes the […]

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A wonderful thing

A wonderful thing

I received a gift today.  Such a gift it is filling my heart. I have many friends and they have been with me through some challenging times – each one brings their own unique perspective. I love them all. Each one inspires me and supports me in so many ways. Continue reading “A wonderful thing”