An Inspirational Task

Well, there I was sitting at the laptop writing up courses when the phone rang! Not at all unusual, that is what phones do after all.  However, I was unaware at first who this person was. Continue reading “An Inspirational Task”

Arran, A Magical Space

Arran kilmory Lammas Fayre

As mentioned before on just about every social media site we are on, we were at the Lammas Fayre on Arran at the weekend.  As you can see from the picture above we were making ceremony – a water ritual to be exact. Though ‘exact’ is not really the word to use… Continue reading “Arran, A Magical Space”

Summer Solstice, What’s the point?

Summer Solstice, What’s the point?
two kings at solstice
The exchange of Power – Two kings battle for supremacy in the Wheel of the Year,

Midsummer madness, all those weird people getting up at some ungodly hour to do what? Worship the Sun???! Totally crazy! Why would anyone want to do that? It’s just another day after all… isn’t it? Continue reading “Summer Solstice, What’s the point?”

Lammas on Arran

We are going to Arran for the Psychic & Holistic Fayre, we are so happy to be going there mainly because we haven’t been before, I know crazy isn’t it to be so close and yet never to have been, but that is the way of the world is it not?  We rarely explore so close to home. We shall though, be performing a wee water ceremony which you can participate in. Continue reading “Lammas on Arran”