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Final Faerie Tale of 2018

De Stress Yoga Clydebank 5th December

7pm – 9pm

For more info, click on the link below

Journeys With Bear & Wolf

Springburn Journey Circle

Chatelherault May 25

Flemington House, Glasgow

8th December, 2018

10 – 12.30

Afternoon Journey Circle

2 – 4.30

For more information see Facebook Event

Journeys With Bear & Wolf

Faerie Tales Last of 2018 At Barrhead

Dark and Deep

Hands On Therapies

13th December, 2018

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Journeys With Bear & Wolf

These final Circles for 2018 are suitable for beginners and all involve trance/ guided visualisation

For any information or questions you may have on any of the events, please pm us on Facebook or leave a comment here on the blog.



Walking The Talk

Arran kilmory Lammas Fayre

A Day of Shamanic Experiences

There are so many things we love to do, but, I think top of my list is introducing people to the Shamanic Journey. There is something so completely magical about seeing someone experience connection with a Spirit guide/Power Animal for the first time,that cannot be bested.

So if you would like to give it a shot and you are around the South Lanarkshire / Glasgow/ North Lanarkshire areas – or even if you’re really keen a bit farther afield… come and join us at Source Events in Bellshill, on the 9th June from 10:30 am – 16:30

See details here.Walking The Talk

If you need more information you can leave a message on Journeys With Bear & Wolf page. We hope to see you sometime soon.

There are also webinars and online courses coming soon so if you do live a bit too far to join us in Scotland you can still take part and have some wonderful adventures.

Be Well, Be Blessed, Be Loved



The Power Of The Story

Keeper of the Hearth Fire

Telling Tales, of Telling Tales

An evening of storytelling. We all love stories, but perhaps we don’t always understand just how much they have become part of our own story. We will be discussing the power that lies within tales we have been told since childhood and we shall explore one or two of those in greater detail, not just listening to, but being inside the story itself is a powerful resource to have. The Power Of The Story will be told on the 1st of May at Source, 205b Main Street, Bellshill, ML4 1AH and we shall begin to tell the tale at 19:30 so please gather for 19:15 so we can all be sitting comfortably in order to begin… See Facebook Page, Journeys With Bear & Wolf

£17 each, a £5 deposit (non returnable/transferable) secures your place and these places are limited so make your deposit now.   No entry after 19:25 all times GMT. Power of the story QR

Beltane, A Celebration of Summer’s Potential Bounty!

Beltane Dance

A Walk In The Woods: A Story To Tell, A Journey…

Chatelherault Country Park 28th April, 2018

We are taking another sojourn into the magic of the space that is Chatelherault. This time we are celebrating the energy of Beltane and what the ‘Bright Fire’ may bring. See Facebook events A Walk In The Woods, A Story To Tell. We meet at the information board at 11.00am GMT and we will go on from there no later than 11.10am. £12.50 per person.  payable via paypal.me/SpiralHeartHealingGB before the event. See main body of event for more information.FB page: Journeys With Bear & Wolf

A Walk In the Woods QR code


Hunting the Gowk!

A Shamanic Walk Through Chatelherault Country Park


April 1st, 2018 – All Fool’s Day – Will you find the Gowk?


After long deliberation and some requests I have decided to update our syllabus and take it right back to the beginning.

So from the 9th of April 2018 there will be new online courses. Registration will be up and running shortly – you will see news on the facebook pages Journeys With Bear & Wolf and also on Spiral Heart Healing Centre

Courses such as ‘Walking The Ceremonial Way’  & ‘The Art & Craft of Ceremony’ are two most asked about subjects, as is a beginners guide to Shamanic Journeying so I have been building courses with written manual/worksheets, some videos on the YouTube Channel.

There will also be an e  Book or two on Shamanism, (that beginners guide). So look out for that. Remember if you have any questions about what we do, how and where we do it, Shamanic Practice then please leave a comment here or on one of the Facebook pages or Instagram Spiralheart4 which is also the twitter handle.


Lammas Psychic & Holistic Fayre 29th July 20 2017

An array of some of our wares
From Baja’s to back packs, mirrors to tarot decks and so much more!

https://www.facebook.com/events/1752718421712845/ Lammas on Arran 

We take the lovely things we have to sell, clothing, incense, tumble stones, medicine stones, talking sticks, tarot cards, Baja tops, owl mirrors, bags and bags of bags and other things you may not find elsewhere because we make them ourselves.

elemental group
Elemental Stones for your Mobile Altar, for your Garden – anywhere really Unique hand painted


See website also for details of events and for our arts, crafts and other great stuff to buy! www.spiralheart.co.uk Also you can still see some of the webinars there on what Shamanism is. To contact us:-

email:              info@spiralheart.co.uk

Facebook:      @theshamanshut
Twitter :         @spiralheart4      @21centuryshaman
For information on sessions and how they could benefit you today.

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