When I Was Hard To Love

this is another find. Not relevant? Well love is Universal, and we are at sometime in our lives all at loggerheads with it. We can make our Selves hard to love most often when we are disconnected from Self. When we measure our Selves against perceived perfect others but read this and see if you relate and then sit with it and find your Self and sit with them. Tell them how you feel . Use a mirror and the Ho’opono’ono ‘I’m sorry, I love you, forgive me.’

Blessings and joy


Source: When I Was Hard To Love

Adventure 198 ~ Edit Like A Pro

go to the page and hear the story of the Faerie Thorn. It is a romance and a tale that sang itself on the wind in the leaves and branches of just that – a Faerie Thorn.

Humans Resourced

For today’s adventure, I attempt to edit like a pro. I read Steven Pressfield’s “The War Of Art” last weekend and it’s really helping me to keep the momentum going :).

In today’s video, I also share an unexpected side-effect of writing a story that comes out of the “local ground”.

I am just going outside and may be some time.


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