Autumn: The Season of Completion

The last fruits of the year!

I was having a discussion the other day with a friend. We were discussing the Seasons of the year and which one we preferred. I had to have a think about it. I do have a soft spot for Spring…but then don’t we all?  Autumn though, Autumn is my favourite. Autumn is the Season of Completion. Continue reading “Autumn: The Season of Completion”

Download A Simple Guide…

Arran lammas fayre 3

We are still working away here at Spiral Heart. We don’t want you to think we have forgotten about you while we are off making ritual and ceremony in some lovely places, I have to say… so here’s a wee Lammas Gift.  Look out for more news on our online courses, from the very beginning of your journey to being in the thick of it – we’ve got you covered!

A Free Download on Making Sacred Space

Carry That Weight…

There’s a certain vulnerability that we all have and if we weight long enough we finally become habituated and it bdcones part of us. Recognising that we are carrying weight that is not necessarily physical is a start. There is so much we wait to carry, for duty, for love, for disguise. Masking wounds sometimes.  Take that long held habit and drop it! Weight for no-one! Define your Self! Become free, weight no more. For some it’s from a past life causing Soul loss- the wounds we salve with food while we weight to heal. It’s never satisfying because we wait for it to be fixed by others when we’ve made this weight our own.


Source: Carry That Weight…

Things I’m Grateful for this Summer Solstice…

Source: Things I’m Grateful for this Summer Solstice…

As I wrote in my piece re the Summer Solstice, many people see it in different and inspiring ways. If you are not sure what to do with yourself for any of the Solstice’s or even the equinoxes then get to know them and find a way of understanding how the year turns, get back to being a human being… in time not out of it. This helps us to be mindful and grateful for all that is and it gives us the ability to rest our minds being mindful of how much we need that. Just a thought.

4 Ways To Walk A Shaman’s Path?

4 Ways To Walk A Shaman’s Path?

faerie woods

Fairly often I am asked the question, ‘When did you decide to become a Shaman then?’ It’s an interesting question and it carries with it many pitfalls on answering. So without making too much of it, here is a list that might allow you to glean that information and understand a bit more. I refer you to the wonderful Sacred Hoop  article that I shared – all about the myriad of Shamanic practice and its origins. Go look and share the article then sign up for the quarterly magazine. Continue reading “4 Ways To Walk A Shaman’s Path?”