Walking The Talk Together

Since long before a microscopic terrorist invaded the Human Race (or at least that is how it seems) I have been pondering the difference in all the healing modalities that we have access to.

Generally, there are some we tend not to look at as we haven’t a clue what they do or we already have preconceived notions of labels applied should we go there.

Come on though, we are all made of the same stuff, the make up and volume etc. may be different but we are all mammals, animal kingdom subjects and we all have minds.

Right now some of us are going out of our minds. Some are teetering on the brink and some are just in overwhelm; very few of us are as calm as we would like people to believe. It’s a hard path to walk when the road signs are not clear and the compass points are not recognisable.

How can we feel it is so difficult to just open our mouths and say, ‘I am tired, I need some help, I don’t know what to do/believe/say’? When you are stressed, confused, or worried, decisions and choices can be difficult.

There is also the fact that when we do realise we may require a bit of professional help, we don’t really understand the myriad of modalities for healing and wellbeing that is out there for us. The range is vast, and how do we know what will suit our needs best?

It was therefore time to stop pondering and gather together (via the magnificent platform that is LinkedIn) a quorum of Therapists from different modalities. The object being to collaborate and allow people access to people they may not normally recognise as accessable, available, or indeed qualified.

There are many different ways to approach the healing of ills. For each of these approaches there is a method. We are coming together to show support for each other and that includes our clients. In collaboration not in competition because the most important thing is wellbeing, and good health; mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual. Holistic.

Medicine for the Soul, Mind and Body. It can still be done remotely. Stay tuned for the series. We invite your questions send them to info@spiralheart.co.uk put ‘TIC Questions’ in subject box. We may not be able to answer each individually but we shall collate and take as many as we can.

Be Well, Be Blessed, Be Loved, Be You

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