2014-09-14 14.53.20 Spring Cleaning

Spring, springing up all over and the light is beginning to peep through the storm full clouds, the dark days are almost over and we look forward to our own new beginnings.

How do we move through the slow deepness of the winter and out into the light?


Great word isn’t it? It describes the act of the Siberian and Mongolian Shamans Spiritual Spring clean.

It is remembering not the chore of clearing out, of de-cluttering but the mindful meditation of catharsis that the vacuum cleaner/broom provides; a trance that leaves you so calm you can actually appreciate the joy of achievement – not to mention the work out the physical act of wielding such an instrument can bring coupled with the dusting of course to your favourite rock out music… These latter on the outside are becoming manifest inside, space clearing.

Space clearing is one of the most important basics in Spiritual work. The residue of our emotions, our joy and our sadness, our peace or our anger are all around us and will begin to collect in corners like dust bunnies under the bed.

During the winter time we tend to do as little as we dare, we snuggle into our houses and only go out when necessary which is reflected for a lot of people in some parts of the world where the light is dim or not at all for the most part and those places and spaces where the clouds hang grey and full, threatening school yard bullies just angling to relieve you of your precious joy.

We gather energy around us and it becomes stale, it finds itself corners of rooms – particularly bedrooms and if left undisturbed will settle as you sleep and can weigh down on the duvet making you toss and turn.

What to do?

This is where the fun part comes in…yes there is cleaning and clearing of clutter but do not stop there no, get a rattle and if you don’t have a rattle put some dry peas into an empty plastic bottle – make a drum using a pot and a wooden spoon – make some noise (where appropriate – perhaps wait until your neighbours are out if you live in an apartment). How does the song go, ‘Get out of that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans’!

Move that energy and in doing so be moving parts of yourself (gently now, if you are not quite as fit as you would like to be) make some noise in those corners go around the house clearing your space, de cluttering your spiritual house. Light some incense and if you know how to Reiki do so…invite your friends have a Bunyahishig party and make it a thing you take turns with maybe once a month or so.

In magic the laws are simple – as above, so below. As within so without. When you clean up physical clutter you make spiritual space. You make magic.

You ARE magic.

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